A professional expert network for experts working in nature conservation and education for sustainable development (ESD) in the Balkan region and adjecent countries

BalkaNatureNet – Forum
The forum is the network meeting that we want to establish on an annual basis.
We have a vibrant platform in our internal member section and we can communicate online in multiple ways. But it is of course our wish to meet on a personal basis and be in direct contact with each other. Each Forum will be under a certain topic – the pressing issue that is important for the majority of members.
The Forum will serve multiple purposes:
- professional exchange between members (e.g. best- and worst-practice);
- learning about nature conservation in the host country (e.g. field trip);
- acquire new members;
- elections on network management of BalkaNatureNet (e.g. positions, jobs, strategic decisions);
- further development of BalkaNatureNet (e.g. working groups)

BalkaNatureNet – Forum 2017 in Tirana, Albania
The first Forum was a big success. Over 60 participants discussed, networked, connected and learned in a vibrant atmosphere.
BalkaNatureNet was founded and responsibilities, roles and jobs were distributed for the first year of BNN.
Presentations about projects, project ideas, major challenges, etc. gave a nice insight into the “expertise of BalkaNatureNet”. The topic was linkage between nature conservation and environmental education.
A field trip to the National Park Divjaka-Karavasta organized by PPNEA and GIZ Albania completed the interesting days in Albania.