A professional expert network for experts working in nature conservation and education for sustainable development (ESD) in the Balkan region and adjecent countries

In BNN experts of different disciplines work together and share their experiences and knowledge with each other. With every new member additional skills and information are added to the network. As BNN grows the expertise and scope of BNN expands.

Currently our vibrant expert group consists of specialists from 12 different countries in the region working in: Wildlife and biodiversity monitoring, freshwater ecology, public relations/awareness, protected area management, Natura 2000, environmental education, conservation/management planning, policy making, sustainable development, sustainable tourism, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture, floodplain management, habitat restoration, scientific research, ecosystem services, etc. – to name just a few fields.

We are project managers, planners, specialists for species groups, advisers, field workers and consultants. Some of us are new in the fields of nature conservation and/or environmental education, but the majority has working experience of over 10 years, some even above 20 years.