Membership criteria

A professional expert network for experts working in nature conservation and education for sustainable development (ESD) in the Balkan region and adjecent countries

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Be a part of BalkaNatureNet to have
- access to first-hand experiences and best-practice-examples in nature conservation and/or environmental education in the target region;
- access to information on the latest reports, developments, funding possiblities, events, jobs, etc. in the target region related to nature conservation and/or environmental education;
- direct contact to experts in nature conservation and/or environmental education in the target region via our searchable member database.
Be a part of BalkaNatureNet and you will be able to
- offer your own expertise to the members and enlarge your professional scope, publish your results;
- consult other members on specific topics;
- be involved in professional discussions or start your own in order to find solutions;
- find partners for projects, programmes, etc.;
- benefit from BalkaNatureNet’s partnerships with regional stakeholders;
- be involved in the network development and shape the future of BalkaNatureNet
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Who can become a member?
Only individuals can become members.
You are eligible for membership in BalkaNatureNet if you (all 5 criteria have to be met):
1. are or have been professionally working in the fields of nature conservation and/or environmental education and education for sustainable development (ESD).For example in the fields of:
o Protected area management
o Species conservation
o Nature-based sustainable regional development
o Scientific research
o Landscape planning
o Sustainable forestry
o Water conservation
o Nature-based sustainable tourism
o Public relations & communication
o Education programmes
o Etc.
2. are or have been based or operating in the target area (Balkan countries and adjacent countries)
3. are able to communicate in English
4. are or have been working in NGOs, GOs and other organisations
5. are or have been working employed, self-employed or on a voluntary basis

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Some basic facts to know…
Memberships are indefinite until terminated by one party.
Members can terminate their membership in writing to BalkaNatureNet.
BalkaNatureNet can terminate a membership, if a member violates the ethical values of BalkaNatureNet (see below).
Currently there is no membership fee.

Your responsibilities as a member of BalkaNatureNet in order to keep our vibrant nature alive…
- Provide and continuously update their member profile to BalkaNatureNet, including their detailed expertise and current contact details
- Share relevant information and experiences with BalkaNatureNet
- Share the vision and objectives of BalkaNatureNet
- Act as a multiplier for BalkaNatureNet and its goals
- Use BalkaNatureNet’s corporate identity for external communication
- Participate actively in BalkaNatureNet’s activities and internal communication
- Have the opportunity to be a part of BalkaNatureNet’s network management
- Act according to BalkaNatureNet’s ethical values:
o Equal rights for all members.
o No discrimination.
o Sensible use of private data.
o Members safeguard BalkaNatureNet’s intellectual property.