15 July, 2017
BNN Kick-off at the
from NNA website

Over 60 enthusiastic experts of 13 countries participated in the first network meeting in April 2017 in Tirana, Albania. Among the participants were the Deputy Minister of the Environment of Albania, funders of the project BalkaNatureNet, GIZ, alumni of the NatuRegio-programmes and further representatives of local and regional nature conservational organisations.

The main goal was to establish a management team and to register the first members. BNN is completely based on voluntary commitment of the members, so it is important to share the work load among many members.

50 participants filled out a member registration and over 30 decided to take over a job for BNN, either working in one thematic field or being responsible for the coordination of different work areas.

Another key aspect of the Forum was to exchange experiences between the international participants: Presentation of projects, dialogue with other experts and a field trip to a national park in Albania.

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